Elevate RPA Analytics.

Elevate RPA Analytics. Prove


in Automation Operations.

Total visibility and dozens of KPIs integrated directly into BotCity  Orchestrator.

Quantifiable Return

Calculate the ROI, savings, and FTE for each automation, with detailed results at the process level.

Flexible BI Integrations

Benefit from compatibility with leading BI solutions in the market, enhancing data analysis.

Proven Efficiency

Identify common failures and downtimes, generating valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Resource Optimization

Better manage your infrastructure and agents with precise data on occupation and usage.

Essential Dashboards for Technical and Business Leaders

Unlock new resources with finance reports

Monitor the efficiency and return on investment (ROI), Savings, and FTI of your RPA initiatives. Engage teams and support decisions with a data-driven approach.

Showcase the initiative's progress Over Time

Follow the evolution of your automations, active runners, and processed output, adjusting the pace to meet demands accurately and prioritize opportunities.

Measure Automation Efficiency

Evaluate the success of automations and quickly identify those negatively impacting the success rate. Rank failed items per automation for a quick view of automation performance.

Streamline uptime and speed

Understand the capacity of your RPA initiative and processing speed, aiming for failure and downtime reduction and performance optimization.

Optimize computing infraestructure

Monitor the utilization and availability of runners, essential for predicting future resources. Manage runner allocation for new automation or tasks based on usage rate.

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