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Frequent Questions about BotCity Orchestrator

How is BotCity Orchestrator different from other RPA Platforms?

BotCity Orchestrator a to offer comprehensive governance and control for an optimized enterprise. It includes monitoring of status, alerts, and insights, automatic queue management, VM/Docker management, bot versioning with rollback options, custom logs, automation error reporting, task queues with automatic management, and advanced item queue management for batch processing.

How does BotCity Orchestrator improve automation security and management?

The Orchestrator ensures enhanced security and streamlined management for automations in Python by allowing autonomy and segmentation by business areas, providing real-time alerts through various channels (Teams, Email, WhatsApp), reducing downtime with automatic error reporting, and enabling triggering of bots from other applications via APIs.

Can BotCity Orchestrator handle the management of automations in which environments?

BotCity Orchestrator facilitates the management of Virtual Machines (VMs) , Containers (Dockers), and serverless, optimizing the use of infrastructure through automatic load balancing and advanced management features.

How does BotCity Orchestrator support automation scalability and error handling?

BotCity Orchestrator supports scalability through features like custom scheduling rules with priority and automatic queue management for task batches. For error handling, it offers detailed error reports, including code traceback and screenshots, alongside real-time alerts for immediate attention, ensuring continuous operation and minimizing downtime.

How can I measure the success of my automation initiative/project within Botcity Orchestrator ?

CoE leaders benefit from integrated KPIs like ROI, savings, and FTEs with BotCity Insights, the capability to trigger alerts and notifications across various platforms, detailed error reports with code traceback and screenshots for easier maintenance, and custom log exporting in CSV or JSON formats. Additionally, BotCity Orchestrator supports customized parameters for business users to initiate their automations, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of RPA initiatives.

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