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Unlock the full potential of intelligent automation with an Orchestrator for Python automations, with no lock-in constraints.

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Why BotCity for Hyperautomation?

Up to 70%

reduction in RPA licence costs + strategic indicator reports for stakeholders and tech teams.

15X faster

robots with end-to-end governance and orchestration.

Works everywhere

From Citrix to SAP. From Windowsto Linux.

No lock-in

The code is forever yours. Free yourself from technical constraints and avoid dependency on vendors.

The best platform for your tech team. The optimal ROI for your stakeholders. The best platform for your tech team. The optimal ROI for your stakeholders.
The best platform for your tech team. The optimal ROI for your stakeholders. The best platform for your tech team. The optimal ROI for your stakeholders.
Ultimate battle victorious.
The best platform for your tech team. The optimal ROI for your stakeholders.
The best platform for your tech team. The optimal ROI for your stakeholders.

End-to-end Orchestration

The best cloud-based orchestrator for code-based automations. Go beyond scheduling to achieve complete governance and control.

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Automatic queue management: Create scheduling rules and Never lose an automation execution.

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Real-time alerts for stakeholders by Teams, Email, WhatsApp.

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Autonomy and segmentation by business areas with user groups and repositories

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Downtime reduction with automatic error reporting.

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Infrastructure Optimization with automatic load balancing.

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Advanced management of items with batch processing.

Global KPIs visibility with BotCity Insights

Give your stakeholders full visibility of the results of your CoE. Consolidate and integrate KPIs directly into BotCity Orchestrator.

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Finance Reports: Monitor ROI, FTE and Savings segmented on business and process level.

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Efficiency: Generate insights for continuous improvement with eficiency indicators, most common failures, and downtime rates.

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Initiative and infraestructure evolution: Analyse automation evolutution overtime and agents utilization rate to optimize infraestructure.

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Integrate with BI solutions, from Power BI to Grafana.

Speed up development

Increase developer productivity and put automations into production in just a few days.

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Develop complex automations: ERPs, Legacy Systems, Desktop, Web Applications

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Python libraries and Plugins: code snippets for daily operations.

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VSCode extension: generate Python from any UI interaction with  BotCity Studio's computer vision coding assistant.

Intelligent Automation + AI

Hyperautomation in Python for faster results.


Hours Saved (6 months)


Increase in FTE


Parallel Agents


Productivity in RPA Developement
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We were using a low-code platform, and after adopting BotCity, our RPA initiative scaled up more rapidly. We accelerated the increase of ROI and FTE and also reduced license costs.

Pieter Vosholyn, IT Manager at Andrade Gutierrez

Scalability and governance in Python

Telecommunications company gained real control over Python automations.


increase in the speed of automated processes


external data sources scanned and structured with Python
We already had Python automations but the big concern was control. To have everything inventoried, monitored, and to know where the automation is and how it was built. BotCity brings us the ability to show tour work to the organization. We managed to prove the value of it.

Enock Cabral, Head of Automation and AI at Algar Telecom.

Strategic migration from low code to Python RPA

Pharmacy chain with over 25,000 employees migrated from Automation Anywhere to BotCity.


million saved in 2 years


robots implemented


savings on licenses
Projects enabled with AI and RPA
We had little to no visibility into automations that broke and how they should be performing, and today BotCity Orchestrator gives us all of that. It's an adaptable tool, different from low-code. By 2025 we want to work only with Python and BotCity Orchestrator, without any low-code auomations.

Satya Andrade, Process Transformation and Automation Manager at Grupo Pague Menos / Extrafarma

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