RPA projects need coding skills to scale
Build Python RPA with Enterprise-level orchestration.
Build and orchestrate automation without vendor lock-in. Leverage 440.000+ Python libraries, full control of your code with enterprise-level governance, costing up to 5x less than low-code platforms.
Trusted by 1000+ companies in 70+ countries
What is BotCity
Build complex automations with Python RPA in minutes and orchestrate with a few clicks
Develop faster RPA with Python on any system
Swiss knife of devtools to build automation on web, desktop or legacy.
Manage with Enterprise
Professional orchestration to a seamless enterprise governance and control.
BotCity Frameworks
Productivity for developers with frameworks and plugins in Python, Java, or JS.
BotCity Studio
Build automations on Legacy, Desktop and Edge cases with our computer-vision coding assistant.
BotCity Runners
Run automation on premise on VMs, Dockers or Serverless.
BotCity Maestro Orchestrator
Orchestrate any code-based automation with scheduling, logs, alerts and parameters.
Eliminate vendor lock-in with Open Source RPA.
BotCity provides Open Source Frameworks in Python, Java, and JS to build your automations, and you are free to use any library in Python (440.000+).

Forget migration costs; the code is yours and Open Source.
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Enterprise-level orchestration and governance for scale.
BotCity Maestro orchestration offers complete control and governance to any code-based automations (BotCity Framework, Selenium, Puppeteer, Pyautogui, Robot Framework) or executable commands.

Advanced features to help your CoE as error reporting, real-time VM monitoring, auto load-balancing, and trigger bots from APIs.
10x better performance and 5x less investment than low-code platforms.
Python automations are at least 10x faster than low-code automations. Reduce lead time and infrastructure costs, run more than one session per machine, and save on low-code enterprise licensing with our pay-as-you scale model.
Devtools and AI to automate on Desktop, Legacy and Web applications.
BotCity offers a swiss knife of developer tools to build from IDs on web, XPath on Windows or Computer-vision-powered automations that can run on any system or platform. From mainframes to saas web applications, there's a tool to help you.
World's best RPA support team. From developers to developers.
We take documentation and support as the core of our products. Elected on G2 as the best global RPA support, BotCity offers extensive documentation, a worldwide forum, and dedicated slack channels with customers and community users.
Need to speed up your RPA project? Meet our global partners network.
Do you need to speed up our automation project? We have partners covering the whole planet that can help your company with end-to-end automations, from strategy and mapping to development and maintenance.
A complete solution for RPA and
Hyperautomation ecosystem
Finally, a set of tools to work with Python in RPA. Frameworks, devtools and orchestration on day 1.
RPA and Hyperautomation Leaders
Reduce vendor lock-in, save up to 80% in licensing costs and free your team to use Python as an enabler for Hyperautomation.
RPA/IT consultancy companies
Get better margins for your projects, be more competitive and reduce your team learning curve on specific low-code tools.
Robot As a Service Providers
Use BotCity as an automation infrastructure building products that run on top of our orchestrator. Our pay-as-you-scale model is a perfect fit for your growth.
Customers' use cases
Case Study
Learn how a construction company reduced its supplier validation process on SAP from 10 days to 6 minutes.
Case Study
Learn how a manufacturing company migrated from low-code and saved 70% in RPA licenses.
Case Study
Learn how a multinational engineering company made their bots 10x faster than low-code with Python RPA.
Case Study
Software ERP
Learn how an ERP provider reduced 50% their support tickets with automated interface testing.
What customers say about our service
RPA platform with a focus dedicated to IT teams & developers
Gabriel D.
IT Specialist
“This tool is very Easy to use and deploy tool. Development of automations of any kind (web, desktop, android, legacy). The Full documentation and quick team support in slack.”
Easiest RPA platform to adopt
Pieter V.
IT manager
“We had a 14x capacity increase compared to the previous platform. We migrated more than 20 automations in 10 days. The automations were up to 20x faster.”
Great tool for automation orchestration
Cristiano L.
Head of IT
“BotCity´s orchestrator provided security, real-time alerts, dashboards, scheduling, and much more. In addition to providing us with these tools that help us a lot, the BotCity support team is also excellent.”
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