Faster automations free of commercial licenses

Developer apps and tools to increase your team productivity and deliver professional code-based automations.

IDE integration, UI Inspection, CLI, and more

Use your favorite IDE

Automated code generation and computer vision-based automation with any IDE.

Libraries for everything

Third-party options among 450,000 open-source libraries.


Do not start your project from scratch. Use our templates and snippets for common use cases.

Software Engineering Capabilites

Utilize code versioning, code review, design patterns, and automated testing like any other software.

Enable your team to ship high-performing automations fast

Code assisant with BotCity Studio

Generate Python, Java, and JS code for your automations directly on your IDE. Inspect UI elements and complete most of your navigation code with computer vision.

VS Code Plugin

BotCity Studio is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Our solutions in the IDE you love. Leverage BotCity with the IDE you already use.

BotCity Runner

Connect your runtime environment to your orchestrator and get your tasks executed. We manage virtual environments seamlessly.

Pre-built code snippets and libraries

Python libraries and plugins with code snippets for daily operations and most common use cases.

Powerful CLI

Develop complex automtions for ERPs, Legacy Systems, Desktop and Web Applications.

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Unlock the full potential of intelligent automation

Boost tech team productivity with BotCity's Python RPA and Intelligent Automation software. Drive ROI, orchestrate and enhance performance.